The research on this website has been sponsored by Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR Grant FA9550- 18-1-7007), the FNRS, MISTI as well as BAEF/Francqui Foundations.


I’m interested in problems lying at the crossroads of mathematical physics and information theory or theoretical computer science. In the past I have also been interested in overlaps between medicine and EECS.

A few recent preprints :

A. Cosse, In the recovery of sparse vectors from quadratic measurements, the presence of linear terms breaks the square root bottleneck, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 2023.

A. Cosse, Compressed Super-Resolution I: Maximal Rank Sum-of-Squares, 2019.

A. Cosse, L. Demanet, Stable rank one matrix completion is solved by two rounds of semidefinite programming relaxation, Foundations of Computational Math., 2017

A. Cosse, From Blind deconvolution to Blind Super-Resolution through convex programming, submitted, 2017.

A. Cosse, “A note on the blind deconvolution of multiple sparse signals from unknown subspaces”, in proc. SPIE Wavelets and Sparsity XVII, 2017.

A. Cosse, S. Shank, L. Demanet, A short note on rank-2 relaxation for waveform inversion, in proc. SEG Annual meeting, March 2015.

A. Cosse, L. Demanet, Rank-one matrix completion is solved by the sum-of-squares relaxation of order two, in proc. IEEE CAMSAP, June 2015.

A. Ahmed, A. Cosse, L. Demanet, A convex approach to blind deconvolution with diverse inputs, in proc. IEEE CAMSAP, June 2015.

Previous interests:

A. Cosse, Diffeomorphic surface-based registration for MR-US fusion in prostate brachytherapy in proc. IEEE MELECON, 2012