Summer Interns

I’m happy to announce that Soledad Villar (NYU) and I will be supporting two interns for the year 2018/2019. 

The project, which is a collaboration between NY and Paris, has to do with the Mathematics of Deep Learning with a particular focus on the study of the uncertainty associated with current models. Every student is encouraged to apply but preference will go to students with a background in applied math and past programming experience in python and matlab as well as a history of classes in Machine Learning and Statistics.

Deadline for the application is January 2019 and the interns are expected to work during the summer of 2019 (although the dates are flexible). Salaries are competitive and a stipend will be provided to cover local expenses. The announcement is usually made via twitter (see @augustinmcosse)

Resumes together with a cover letter and past transcripts should be sent to the following email address