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I’m currently a fourth year PhD  student in EECS and Applied Math. I’m doing my PhD under the supervision of Profs Laurent Demanet (MIT Math) and Laurent Jacques (UCL, EECS)

I’m interested in problems lying at the crossroads of mathematical physics and information theory or theoretical computer science. In the past I have also been interested in overlaps between medicine and EECS.


Related Papers :

A. Cosse, S. Shank, L. Demanet, A short note on rank-2 relaxation for waveform inversion, preprint, March 2015.

A. Cosse, L. Demanet, Rank-one matrix completion is solved by the sum-of-squares relaxation of order two, preprint, June 2015.

A. Ahmed, A. Cosse, L. Demanet, A convex approach to blind deconvolution with diverse inputs, preprint, June 2015.

Previous interests:

A. Cosse, Diffeomorphic surface-based registration for MR-US fusion in prostate brachytherapy